We all have a Time Aligned!!!

If you have been reading my stories thus far you have seen I have an affinity for the things of nature. I love the earth we live in. It's vast and mysterious and most importantly it's Alive. I think a lot of people forget that fact. As the earth rotates on it's axis following right in line with what God spoke many ions ago. It's spectacular display of mountains, bodies of water caverns and the air we breathe is majestic at best. Just like this tree where the sun is setting behind it. I absolutely adore trees. If it weren't for them we wouldn't be able to breathe. Doesn't that blow your mind. The circle of life that Mufasa in the Lion King explained to Simba about. The Sun rises and sets on each of us. November, the eleventh month of the year has always been a month of transition for me. It was so serious at one point, I almost dreaded the month's existence. Here is something to scratch your head about in the book of Job. Job said' let the day perish wherein he was born and let it not be counted with the months of the year and as we know it. The month of February is the only month were the last day of the month is either counted or not. Hummm isn't that interesting? Okay back to November. In 2004 My only son was scheduled to preach his first message, on November 13th. I was so angry because my My ex-husband kept leaving us for his drug addiction and he didn't want to come and support our only son. This particular November The Lord told me that when he leaves this time he won't be back and he never came back. We divorced four years later. Transition isn't always easy but necessary sometimes.I had a five bedroom house under section 8 in Ohio and every year we had an inspection. My inspection was always in April but for whatever reason it was changed to November. My eldest daughters bedroom had a plug that needed to be changed but I didn't have the money to get it done so I made sure her bed was in a position where the inspector which happened to be the same one the year prior wouldn't be able to see it so I could pass the inspection. Things went from bad to worse. The landlord I was renting from passed away and his son took over and I knew this wasn't going to be good and my goodness I was right. He wouldn't or couldn't pay the water bill and our water was turned off. His father never would have let that happen. Yet God made a way and another pastor from a nearby ministry paid the bill for us. A November to remember. It's November 5th 2005. I had a dream I was invited to a celebrity party where I was supposed to had met Michael Crichton, but the party was canceled because Mr. Crichton was a no show, but as I was leaving the lavish hotel where the party was hosted. I saw non other than Mr. Samuel L. Jackson signing autographs. I approached him with my vision and he kindly listened and reached inside of his jacket pocket and handed me a business card and told me to call him the next day. When I awoke I said' okay Lord what are you trying to show me. It was then that I discovered that Mr. Crichton was an Author, Screenwriter, after watching the credits for the movie Jurassic Park. Thirteen of his novels became movies. At the time of my dream I was under the impression he was a film producer. We ended up losing the house January 10th 2006. My family has been displaced every since. November 2012 the day before Thanksgiving. I am going to Krogers. A popular grocery store chain back east, when I hear the Lord call my name. I said' yes Lord. He said' remember the dream I gave you about Michael Crichton, I said' yes Lord. He said' the reason Michael wasn't at the party in my dream is because when my dream is manifested he wouldn't be alive. I am walking around Kroger's stunned by what God has told me. I walk over to the checkout counter and I happen to glance over at the display with bestsellers on it and believe it or not on the top shelf was Michael Crichton's last written manuscript called Pirate Latitudes and right beneath it was Pastor Joel Osteen's book It's Your Time. Needless to say I purchased both books and I still have them to this day. After hearing what the Lord told me I decided to do some research on the famed Author, who was a no show to the party in my dream. I was stunned again because I learned that Mr. Crichton passed away from cancer on November 4th 2008. My deepest and sincerest condolences to his family for his passing. If by chance you come across this website. I was looking forward to meeting him. Lord have mercy November. Living in California now for seven years. I was working for Elite home energy a few years ago.I was an appointment setter for them and not to toot my own horn but I have excellent customer service skills and I knew that my appointments were sticking so to speak but I wasn't getting the credit for them, so one day I inquired about an appointment I made for a family that needed new windows for their home. My supervisor acted like he didn't know what I was talking about, so I asked the young lady who did the confirmation for the appointments and just as I suspected. She told me yes my appointment was set but I couldn't say anything. They fired me two days before Thanksgiving because I wouldn't let it go. I wish California had laws set in place to cover wrongfully fired individuals back then but now they do. It was painful because I ended up losing my Audi Q7 but I am driving a Lexus now. Toot toot hey beep beep. Now don't be afraid of November or any other month or day for that matter, but use this as a guide to your own faith walk if you believe in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Well guess what folks it's November and I am looking no I am expecting something spectacular to take place. God is the same yesterday, today and forever.  

Believing is half the Battle!!!

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