Thou Art Forgiven
My book: Thou Art Forgiven is now republished and I can download it for you. God bless you all, you can still order my e-books below. 

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Our Invisible Enemy / Is Satan a Woman or a Man?

Are the 5G Towers Killing Us Slowly?


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I finally got my first novel done over. 


There is nothing to hard for the Lord. The impossible things with man are possible with the Lord. We have to trust him even when we can't find him, knowing he is always there whether we can feel him or not. 

Always believe in the gifts and talents the Lord Jesus has given you. He promised in his word a mans gift will make room for him and bringeth him before great men. Proverbs 18:16 

This is the new cover for the book. I had to stick with the Rainbow because it depicts a clear example of God's promise to not destroy the earth again with water, but this time it will be with fire and brimstone. 

Stay in the Race you Will win if you don't Give in!!!