Follow the Yellow Brick Road!!!!


Your Shoes, Your Path, Your Destiny


Fight to Stay On Your Road

The road map to success is almost never a straight path like on the movie the wizard of Oz. All Dorothy had to do was stay on the yellow brick road as we know even that was hard to do. There will always be poppies in the field and or a wicked witch trying to take you off your path of finding and succeeding in the thing you were born to do. It's a never ending climb as the crabs in the barrel are trying to pull you back down with them, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The Wizard of Oz is prophetic in nature. Let's take a look at Dorothy who had a dream and was ushered into Oz. God is the giver of dreams. The wicked witch is the devil and and the good witch was an Angel who gave her the red ruby slippers which could represent the blood of Jesus. She was warned as long as she kept them on the wicked witch couldn't touch her. Dorothy had to follow the yellow brick road which could be compared to the Sun or Son of God. She had to stay on it, you have to stay with God no matter what the obstacles. She had help along the way. The tin man, The scare crow and the Lion who were also in need of help. At the end of her journey she learned all she needed to do was click her heels and she was back home. All you have to do is stay under the Blood of Jesus and you will make it once you have been converted. In order to have something you never had you may have to do something you've never done!!! Stay Positive and only speak faith filled words out of your mouth. Life and death are in the power of the tongue. La Vida y La muerte estan en el poder de la Lengua!!!!

Testimonials of living a life dedicated to the Lord has many a surprise. I was thinking about my faith walk and the many obstacles and Miracle moments that I've experienced. No I wasn't dreaming like Dorothy here in Kansas was but I have had some amazing encounters. Let's start from the beginning. I am a newbie to the faith walk. I am born again and full of zeal with no knowledge. I remember going to church service back in 1995. We had a visiting evangelist come preach at the ministry I belonged to in Ohio. He preached God is going to give you double for your trouble. I was so excited. I remember thinking double for my trouble. I had always liked the story of Job, well the end of it anyway. I thought well he deserved to get double for his trouble because of all he went through. How many of you could have withstood what Job did and still retain your integrity? Not many I'm sure. Well It so happens my ex-husband God bless his soul. He passed away in 2019 before Covid, finally got a job and not just any job a good job. A sister of a friend of mine in Christ vouched for William to get a job at Butternut bread where she was working. I remember it like it was yesterday. William my ex-husband received a call from Butternut Bread. Yes the famed bakery giant that is no longer in business. Probably for hiring people like my ex-husband well, I am grateful because we were going to need the extra income. I was working for a Realtor company. I can't remember the name of it. Even me getting that position was a God thing because I had no experience with mortgages but I remember the owner told me that she liked me and she'd rather hire someone she liked with no experience than to hire someone she didn't particularly care for just because they did. Then a month or two later I got pregnant with twins. Remember double for my trouble.

William had to go on two interviews to get the job. After the second interview he was hired but he was on call and that meant he could get called in to go to work at any time. So there you have it, he was on call for about a week or two then he was hired on permanently. I had to end up going on leave because of the pregnancy. Let me tell you it was a big surprise to know I was carrying twins, But God is a keeper of his word. William started to look for a new car because the 1984 Mazda 626 we had was constantly breaking down. So I prayed and asked the Lord where should we go to get another vehicle. One day there was a lady who sold Kirby vacuum cleaners ringing the door bell. I let her in to do the demonstration. Don't ask me why but I did and I was amazed what all this vacuum could do! She told me the price which was around 1500.00 dollars. I knew William wasn't going to go along with that. I asked him repeatedly, would he get it for us because this thing shampooed and everything. It was amazing, but he wouldn't budge. She said' you know what I am going to leave it with you but I am going to take your old vacuum cleaner with me and if he decides he wants to pay for it, I will leave the payment booklet. I said' are you sure. She said' yes and have a blessed day. The word of God says to be careful how we entertain strangers for some have entertained Angels unaware. The twins were newborns and I wanted anything and everything I could get to keep the apartment we lived in as clean as possible. Mr. Kenneth lived in the basement of the apartment building with his dog and black bugs would come up through the vents. I was so glad we had that Kirby.

Ok back to my story. William needed a ride home from work and a pastor friend of mine saw him and gave him a ride home and he gave him a business card to a car dealership where he purchased his new Mazda 626. William called and the sales man I don't remember his name said' I am going to come and pick you up so we can help you purchase a new car. I was so happy but he said' you need to be able to show proof that you are paying on something. I said' well we had a payment booklet for the kirby vacuum but we aren't paying on it as yet. He said' great bring it. We are riding over to Florence Kentucky and believe it or not the dealership was on Hopeful Church road. I couldn't believe it. I said' William we are definitely getting a vehicle. To make a long story short. William and I picked out a brand new 1994 Mazda 626. It was candy apple red with a moon roof and everything. It was clean and really pretty for an automobile. All he had to put down was seven hundred dollars. So we had two incomes and twin daughters and two Mazda's. I'm sharing this because people need to know that God is still in the Miracle business. He can do what no other power can do. I reflect back on things like this because it gives me the courage to forge ahead when things look impossible to accomplish and it gives me hope..



You are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made!!!