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All it takes is a Seed!

           Follow the Yellow Brick Road!!!

The roadmap to success is almost never a straight path like on the movie the wizard of Oz. All Dorothy had to do was stay on the yellow brick road as we know even that was hard to do. There will always be poppies in the field a wicked witch trying to take you off of your path of finding and succeeding in the thing you were born to do. It's a never ending climb as the crabs in the barrel are trying to pull you back down with them, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. For those who are persistent and unwilling to stay inside of the egg will break through and emerge triumphant. With that being said' I want to hopefully supply you with a couple of options that will afford you the ability to make that spot you call home a lasting art piece. Life is a canvas to paint it the way we see it at least in our own space we call our own.

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